Deep Sea Jewels: 5 Awesome Facts About Pearls

For thousands of years, women have worn pearls to accentuate their beauty. Unlike man-made jewels, pearls are naturally stunning. Here are five awesome facts about pearls. 

11 Celebrities' Secrets Revealed by Maids

Celebrities always look glamorous and there are so many people who admire them and would like to be like them, but if you knew them better, you might change your mind.

When one of their assistants, housekeepers or maids stops working for them, then it's very probable to let their little dirty secrets revealed.

Shoe Museum

What for a pleasure last week, when I watched a documentary about one of my favorite things - shoes :) (If we talk about material things, of course!) I happily present today that BATA Shoe Museum, a surprising place! It's located in Toronto, Canada and has over a thousand shoes and artefacts (from a collection over 13,000 items) on exhibit in architect Raymond Moriyama’s award-winning five floor structure, according to BATA's site.