The Meaning of the Five Fingers

When I was much younger I had read a book about palm reading. 
It is unbelievable that every little line in our hands can me something about our personality and life.

Here is the meaning of the five fingers. Does the explanation match your fingers?

A Glistening Tan

Before summer arrives, you might want to get a little color on your skin so that you don't burn while outside. One of the ways that you can tan without the harmful UV rays if you don't want to be outside much in the summer is by using a spray tan. Companies like have information about what is involved in the process.

Breast Cancer Signs

I thought of sharing this short post not to scare you, but to remind you that awareness is very important.
Most of us are afraid of doctors, but a visit can save a life. 

Fashion icons

I love "old school Hollywood"... with glamour and some innocence... Since I was a teenager I watch old movies. I so admire the feminine silhouettes, full circle skirts, midi length dresses and some beautiful hairstyles... so when I saw the book below I was so enchanted - it is about a timeless fashion icon, but it also has interviews. I like this kind of combination!