26 Pics Of Celebrities At Prom

When celebrities were young and infamous they went to prom too. Most of them have changed since then as their prom took place a long time ago.
Would you recognise them without reading their names?
Back then they might not have thought that one day they would be so famous that people would be interested in looking at their prom photos.

Purple Summer Manicure with 3D Nail Art Fimo Decals

Here is a manicure I did on my nails. I used Avon Lavender Sky Gel Finish and Fruit 

3D Nail Art Fimo Decals from BornPrettyStore (10% off code DKH10).

Trend Alert in 2015: Sportswear Style

photo by trendhunter.com

And on the first day, God created couture.On the second – he realized he should’ve gone with sportswear.

Forever exciting, it is no surprise how unexpected and mind-blowing the fashion industry can get, and - when you least expect it. And while we have become somewhat accustomed to pairing the weirdest patterns with even weirder cuts, we were all utterly surprised when fashion

A blogger that can live with 10 pounds a week

Some people want Chanel, Prada, etc., just to show "I have it!" It's not wrong to wear such items, but coveting that so very much, shoes, bags, makeup and not reaching, may lead to frustration. Why? If you're reading this post it's because you're one of the lucky people to have access to a computer and probably food, shelter, education and a family. Is this too few or is a Dior bag "the highlight of my year"-thing? The older you get, the less important material things will be. Having shoes and jackets isn't wrong, but it's not all, in my opinion.