Illuminate Your Hair With A Natural Daily Routine

Beautiful, lustrous locks are a style staple. You don’t always need to rush to your hairstylist when you want luminous hair that turns heads, though.  By using the following tips, you can achieve stunning hair right at home. Here’s your daily fabulous hair routine so you can shine every day.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Abhishek Jacob
Selecting your wedding rings is a significant part of planning for your wedding. However, it can often be overlooked among all the other decisions. Unlike the rest of the day, though, your rings will be a permanent feature in your marriage. You will wear them as a symbol of your commitment, whereas much of the wedding day will be kept in your memories.

20 delicious facts about our favorite fast foods

In the past few decades, our world has undergone enormous changes. The advent of technology brought many changes which shaped up our world us we know now. These changes have brought a difference in our lifestyle from what it used to be in the past millennium. The major of these changes is the change in our food.

Falling For Purple Hair

The older I get the more I fall in love with purple color. But to be honest with you I could never imagine I would like purple hair trend so much.

Especially for a brunette, who doesn't want to say goodbye to hair dark hair, but she needs a change, a very deep purple shade is great.

Expert Guide To Throwing an Amazing House Party

house party
When it is your birthday, there is nothing better than celebrating with friends. It is a great excuse to go out and enjoy yourself and celebrate (or drown your sorrows) at your new age. What is an awesome thing to do, that costs a lot less money, is throwing a house party. Unlike going to a club or bar, you are in complete control of it. You can have it just how you want it.

Preparing your skin for your wedding

Weddings are ideally a once in a lifetime occasion and many photos will be taken on this special day to give you a lifetime of memories. You want your skin glowing on the big day so you can feel confident and look good in all the wedding pictures. If you are planning to tie the knot, the following are some skin care tips to use before the wedding.

DIY: My First Wire Trees

Lately I've got a new hobby. I have never been into gardening a lot, but I've started 'planting' trees, actually, I create them.

Using wire and some craft items, like these leaves and beads, I made these wire trees.

I didn't even remember I had these leaves which I have used to create hanging decorative ornaments.