My First Shellac Nails

About a month ago I went to a salon to have my nails done. Actually, I have never had someone do my nails before and even this time I had removed my cuticles on my own in advance, so I only wanted to have them painted. But this time I wouldn't put on a regular nail polish. I was told to try 'Shellac', which I had no idea what it was and it was described to me as a semi-permanent manicure.

BornPrettyStore Eyebrow Waterproof Palette Review and New Hair Colour

Well-shaped eyebrows can change the whole look of your face. Sometimes some colour can make their appearance even better as you can fix their shape or just make them more intense.

Personally, I prefer powder products which look like eyeshadows as I find them easier to use than pencils.

Unique Bags!

The last time I went to the cinema while I was standing in the queue I noticed that the girl in front of me was carrying a shoulder bag in the shape of a radio. It was so special and pretty that I wanted to ask her to take a photo of it. Of course I didn't ask her in the end, but that made me search on the Internet for weird and unusual bags.

Here is a collection of unique designs that I can hardly believe they are handbags.

Stunning Eye Make-Up Art by Svenja Schmitt

Make-up art has really picked up its pace over the years, forcing artists to try harder and come up with their own unique style. We have recently posted hauntingly beautiful Madmoiselle Mu’s skeleton make-up, and this time it’s Berlin-based artist Svenja Jödicke surprising us with her artwork.
Besides the regular make-up art tools, Svenja (also known as PixieCold) uses various props and accessories such as feathers, snails, sea stars or colored contact lenses. All of this goes to create some truly vibrant and colorful works.

BornPrettyStore Triple Marble Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Have you ever used a marble eyeshadow? The first time I saw one was in a big palette I had bought with multiple colours, but I'm not sure I have even used that shade.

I have seen the colours from

this type of palettes being blended, but I don't think they have a desirable result

Beauty and the Mist 3rd Birthday Giveaway

Last month was special for Beauty and the Mist as the blog turned 3! 
To be honest with you somewhere around Christmas I wanted to stop blogging, so I didn't think I was going to celebrate our third blogiversary and I'm not going to tell you how happy I am that I managed to keep blogging for so long.

I won't explain at the moment the reasons that made me have second thoughts about keeping the blog, but the main reason that I didn't close the blog

Pantone's Spring 2015 Colour Trends

Spring has finally arrived even if the weather has a different opinion.
The change of the season is accompanied with new fabrics and colours which refresh our wardrobe and our mood.

Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard,

If celebrities weren't famous

We have to admit we like it when we discover celebrities' make up fails or any other photos that show that the rich and famous are just humans like us.
This time you won't see real photos of celebrities, but imaginary suggestions of what celebrities would look like if they weren't famous.
It's funny to see a complete different version of the stars we know, but in most photos it looks like celebrities would have extra weight if they weren't who they are.