September is over! A party outfit and my new hair

I can't believe September is over already. This month has been full of activities mainly with the family.
Of course the biggest event was my baby's first birthday as I wrote here. I wanted to look nice at his first party, but to be comfortable too at the same time as I would have to run after the kids the whole time.
I had no idea what the weather would be like, but we were lucky to have a nice cool evening.

Not a Back to School outfit, Dimi's Romantic Gifts and Something New

School days are past for me and I'm not jealous at all. Just the thought of being back to school is so stressful. 

I ordered this sweater in Summer when there was a flash sale on Romwe and since the first time I saw it I thought of school.

I have to admit even as a grown-up my favourite clothes are still jeans with casual sweatshirts and flat shoes.

You were born to be my baby, I was made to be your mum: Being a mum for the second time

Have you ever fallen in love with two men? 
I hadn't thought that this could ever happen to me, but here I am feeling guilty for loving the one more than the other, trying to spend equal time with each one, feeling relieved when the big one is not at home and I find time to sit down and write or the little one is asleep so I can do the housework or play with his brother alone.

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles for Brunettes and Redheads

Are you getting ready for your wedding? Get some inspiration with beautiful bridal hairstyles for brunnetes and redheads. 
Curls, braids, chignon? What would be your choice?

Trying UV Gel Nail Art Professional Kit from BornPrettyStore

You may remember my post presenting uv gel nail art professional kit from BornPrettyStore or my video presentation that you can find in the same post.
Now my friend Salome has used the same kit and has sent me photos with her nail and her experience with them.
The result looks great and I am jealous of her pretty manicure. 

Pinza boutique Dress or Necklace Giveaway - CLOSED

Summer is supposed to be gone, but I'm still hot. So, until the weather is ready for sweaters, what would you say for a Summer gift?
My friend from Pinza Boutique is giving away one more gift in an express giveaway that will last for a week.

Purple Prescription Glasses from Firmoo

Firmoo has been mentioned on my blog several times and although I have received glasses from them before, this is my first prescription pair.
I had set my eyes on this pair for a while and I couldn't resist in the end.
I used their virtual-on system on to see if this style would suit me. This means I uploaded a couple of photos of me and checked out what I would look like with these glasses on.

Two International Collaboration Giveaways with Beauty and the Mist Jewellery

I am happy to announce that there are two new giveaways on facebook in collaboration with some other pages. 
For the first giveaway you have to like BeautyandtheMist and Style in Athenslike & share the photo publicly and comment.
The giveaway ends on 13 Oct and the winner wins a set of swarovski jewellery. Take part here