Top Insurance Mistakes That You Can Avoid and Save Money
Whatever we do, it can be a wonderful thing to save as much money as possible. Not only you feel good but also you can allot more funds to things that are more important such as your financial security. When you are buying insurance, while you should definitely focus on getting the right coverage, you should also shop around to get the best rates so that you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money.

History Revived: some great career journey of the most inspirational women around the globe

History has left memories of some gems amongst us which are remembered even now for their great work and inspirational lives. Their whole life became an inspiration for all others who followed them. And as usual the universe tried to put a barrier in their path with all those stereotype issues which most of the women face but they built their own path and succeeded like a superstar in their respective careers.

Lana Del Rey Hairstyles and Make Up

Lana Del Rey has been famous for her unique voice and her music, but us girls couldn't help falling in love with her style too.
Influenced by the 50s and 60s she is such a hair and make up inspiration.

Yves Saint Laurent's Second-Cheapest Bag: The Blogger

It seems that someone in the Yves Saint Laurent design department thought of bloggers and their power to influence the fashion world. I bet many bloggers would like to have the Blogger Bag, just for the sake of having it as a bloggers' hommage. Yes, one of Saint Laurent's very simple-chic, logo-printed crossbody bags is called the "Blogger". You can see in the pictures - simple, classy and elegant at the same time, in black and beige here.

Basic Guide for a Family Summer Vacation on a Budget

As the family grows bigger, the costs of a summer vacation get higher and more difficult to fit into a budget of a regular family. No matter the place you’re heading to, there’s always a way to lower the costs and put away some money for other activities. We’ll reveal the coolest hacks right here for you.

7 Tips for Getting the Lush Lash Look without Extensions

Long and thick eyelashes represent a staple of genuine beauty, drawing attention and making everyone envious. However, not all women are born with such eyelashes, having no other possibility but to improvise. Resorting to eyelash extensions might seem like the only alternative, but it is not. Eyelash extensions are expensive, plus they can damage the actual eyelashes.