Hair Trend: Bronde

One of the hair trends of the previous years was ombre hair, a very popular style to colour your hair, but not for everyone. The big gap of the root made some of us not to be a big fan of it.

Bronde is another trend popular with many celebrities and its name comes from the words brown + blonde.

Chic tips for future moms

Pregnancy is the time of life which celebrates the (future) mother and brings all the joys which simply cannot be described with words. The majority of women want to keep their previous style during pregnancy, so they find ways and manage to keep their looks glamorous for nine months as well.
In order not to spend hours and even days wandering around the shops and finding the right style for you, we have made a list of chic tips as suggested by the world most famous moms to be, which will help you in finding your unique preggers style.

Tbdress Swimwear for a Yummy Mammy!

Last Summer was the first time I would go to the beach after I had given birth again and the swimming suit I ended up with was a good choice for me back then, but I didn't have many options when I bought it.

I hadn't found time to go for shopping before I leave for holidays, so I had to settle for what would be available at the place I would go.

Cheap Sexy Sandals!

The arrival of Summer prepares us for a renewal of our closet and our mood as well.
Although I can't stand the hot weather, I'm looking forward to wearing more airy clothes which make me feel more comfortable.

I am a fan of Summer outfits more than Winter ones, as I prefer lighter fabrics and I like the fact that the materials used in this season's clothes are more friendly to my skin.

5+3 Unforgettable Outfits

When I'm watching a TV series or see a film sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it all the time and money spent on a quick scene that I don't think many people will notice or remember later.
For instance, there are times that a character has a flash back and we can see a scene with many extras and special costumes, which lasts only for a few seconds.

Zodiac and Make up

Have you ever wondered if there are any special colours and styles you should choose for your make up depending on your star sign ?

Here you can see how different artists have imagined  the appropriate make up for every sign of the zodiac.

BornPrettyStore Black Leopard Pencil Eyeliner Review

Together with the triple marble eyeshadow palette and the eyebrow waterproof palette from BornPrettyStore I had also ordered a black leopard pencil eyeliner.
In general, I love using pencil eyeliners. I had been using ones from Avon for ages, but now I have also started experimenting with other brands. I like the fact that they don't need to be sharpened.

Makeup like a Pro

Makeup is definitely an art that most of us want to master. Want to be able to apply makeup impeccably every time? Search no more because these step-by-step professional skin care tips are sure to make a pro out of you on everything about a flawless makeup.


Always start off with a clean and fresh face. If you have any traces of dead skin or makeup, then make sure to cleanse it off first.