DIY: My First Bridal Tiara

Here is my first attempt to make a bridal tiara.

I have used a metal headband (on etsy or online stores you can buy them in dozens), wire and crystals.

Prince Dies At 57

Prince died on Thursday at his Minnesota mansion a few days after his hospitalization with flu symptoms.
The cause of his death has not been known yet.

The talented artist will be remembered for the musical legacy he left behind.
Some of his greatest hits are 'Purple rain', 'Kiss', 'Cream', 'The most beautiful girl in the world'.

Stay Abreast with Latest Fashion Trends

Staying stylish and looking chic in traditional or ethnic outfits is not an easy task at all. You need to keep abreast with the latest trends and fashion innovations related to ethnic wear. It is a good idea to stay updated with what is in vogue on the ramp and also, find out which designer is launching what kind of outfits.

Is It Fate Or... ?

There are times in life that make you wonder whether there was a reason for what happened. You went to a certain place at a certain time, you met someone you had no idea was going to become a big part of your life, you said something that brought unexpected consequences, you avoided saying words that would have an impact on a relationship. So many facts that wouldn't  have been reality if things had taken another path.

Guns N' Roses Are Back!

gunsnroses fanpage
It is a fact, Axl Rose and Slash shared the stage making their biggest fans' dream come true.
Even with a broken foot the frontman managed to impress the crowd in Las Vegas singing from a throne. 

This wasn't an obstacle at all. On the contrary, it 's considered to have been in favor of the singer's vocal performance.

How Hollywood Men Are Making Tungsten Wedding Bands Even More Costly

There is a common misconception that people living in Hollywood have the money to waste. After all the place is teeming with the finest of actors and actresses the planet has ever known. They have the money to purchase premium quality items at whatever price they come in, right? Well, actually this is not the case. They do have the money but then this does not mean that they will just purchase anything because it is costly.

5 Thoughtful Beauty Tips to Try This Summer

Summertime is all about heading to the beach and living easy, but this also means having to protect our skin against the season’s harsh sun that beams down on us. When heading to the pool or enjoying a day at the beach, remember to stay smart and protected for a great time in the sun.